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Embracing Your Authentic Self

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There is a place, in the southernmost point of France, where mountains are embraced by lush green countryside and stone gites nestle within chateaux walls. 

Warm sultry air wraps around you like a lover, as you sit amongst nature in one of the hot tubs. Peace and fresh mountain air are your companions in this authentic rural setting. 

The only thing on the agenda here is you. It is where hearts, minds, and bodies open up to new possibilities. A more inclusive way of living. A more connected existence. A more enlightened way of being. A more sexually aware consciousness.

La Taillede is an eco-retreat, located within the high mountains of the Haut Vallespir, Corsavy, only one hour's drive from the coast of the Mediterranean. It is a location where you can experience a deep connection with yourself, fine vegan/vegetarian cuisine, personal coaching, and the serenity of tantric expression. 

We are looking forward to welcoming eight women, for four days of self-discovery, sensual exploration, heart-opening lessons, and erotic inspiration, in an eco-friendly environment experiencing natural exhilaration. 

Black and White Portrait of Friends

Imagine the warmth of connection, whilst the French country air caresses your thighs.

A candlelit gite, with natural aphrodisiac truffles, welcomes you.

You are fueled by the desire for discovery.

The sound of the ocean is in the distance, swaying to the pulse of the moon.


No one knows you are here. Your phone is forgotten.

There is nothing for you to do, no duties, no obligations, no demands.


Nothing, that is, except to be alive, attentive and 


absolutely turned on to YOU. 

What will happen?

A deep dive into yourself for more connected life experience.

You will spend 5-nights in a gite (twin or double) on an ancient Catalan farmhouse in the French Pyrenees. Here you will receive daily guidance on meditation, personal coaching, and experience tantra, and self-reflective walks. 


We will be dining on vegetarian/vegan cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the freshest homegrown ingredients.


This natural setting is the perfect place to discover and nourish your feminine essence with other women. And experience touch through tantric massage, designed to connect the microcosmic orbit in all of us.

Woman's Torso Lying
Woman in Hot Tub

What will I learn?

"To fall in love with yourself, is the first secret towards happiness." Robert Morely

To forget labels, to forget conditioning, to let go of fear, guilt and shame, and embrace your authentic self. 

  • How to nourish you - through self-love, wholesome food, connected experiences, and nature.

  • Tools and techniques to live every day with compassion and guided by your feminine intuition.

  • About you, and how to change your limiting and inhibiting beliefs and be at peace with your authentic self.

  • A deeper compassion for every being and to be truly inclusive to all.

  • How to clear major blocks women often have in claiming their sexuality.

  • How to ignite female desire: emotionally and physically.


The retreat will 'flow' in the direction of the group needs.

The retreat is built around a number of themes that will not change, namely:

  • Pleasure

  • Compassion

  • Inclusion

  • Celebration of diversity

  • Eco-friendly living

  • Nature and animals

  • Embodiment

  • Sexuality and sensuality

  • Spirituality 

All with the aim of nourishing our souls. 

Each day will include sessions on these themes, conducted in the yurt, farmhouse, or surrounding grounds. There will be breaks to relax and unwind whilst enjoying the grounds and facilities. Hot tubs, plunge pool, swimming pool, sauna, forest, mountains and so much more.

This retreat is for women-only. And for those open to exploring themselves and others. Everyone is encouraged to take the sessions at their own pace. Nudity whilst in some of the sessions is embraced it is not essential. The compassion to help others heal however is essential. Judgment will not be tolerated.

Girl in the Woods
A River in France


The property is framed by the sacred Mount Canigou, and has views all the way down to the Mediterranean sea. La Taillede offers beautiful 'rustic luxury' accommodation. On the property, there are many animals and an organic vegetable garden.

Facilities include:

  • A yurt, and a large indoor space for sessions to take place.

  • Two wood-heated hot tubs - one on the high forest terrace of Gite Carlit, and one on Gite Canigou terrace.

  • Various hidden hammocks for those self-reflective moments.

  • A forest set within 50 hectares of private land.

  • A choice of dining areas outside and inside.

  • A fire pit for sociable evenings around the fire.

  • A sauna with a cold plunge pool, plus a pool with a large terrace.

  • GR10 hiking route passes near to the farm, with many other walks for walking meditation.

  • 15 minutes walk down a rural track to the quaint, French mountain village of Corsavy with a cafe/village shop, 2 restaurants, and a post office.


What is included in the retreat?

  • Accommodation at La Taillede in the South of France for 5 nights (shared twin gites)

  • A boudoir box filled with beautiful, erotic self-loving accouterments 

  • Three vegetarian/vegan meals a day

  • A series of personal coaching sessions

  • Several Tantric touch sessions

  • Immersive workshops exploring you - mind, body, energy, and spirit.

  •  Use of the facilities at La Taillede.

  • A personalised action plan to continue the experience at home. 

Your hosts

Gina Brown

Living a connected and inclusive life has always been a strong calling for Gina, and this quest has taken her on quite a journey professionally and privately.

Gina has immersed herself in sacred sexuality and feminine practices since 2001, taking her on an intimate voyage of discovery, diving into tantra, meditation, reiki, energy work, and personal coaching. Qualifing as a trantric masseur, she has worked with women to embrace their sexuality and overcome anxiety, guilt and shame associated with the female sexual experience.  


 Gina has over 20 years of professional experience working in inclusion for large corporates, and individuals. She opens up the hearts and eyes to others. Her work is rooted in the belief that we all need a strong foundation of self-compassion, awareness, and love in order to fulfill our potential and help others. 


Laura Challoner

Being authentic and supporting others is the backbone of Laura's values.


Laura is a highly successful businesswoman owning and running three unique businesses. She is skilled at seeing through socieites blocks and fulfilling potential.


Her kind, compassionate, and ever-curious mind motivates her to keep an open heart and support others that may have experienced trauma, neglect or harm at the hands of a patriarchal society and conditioning.

With an avid appetite for continued growth, her interests include psychotherapy, mindfulness-based therapy, pole dancing and fitness, sexual awareness, and helping people find their authentic selves. 

Laura loves helping people identify their path in life and helping them develop healthy connected relationships with others.

Friends Covering Eyes


RETREAT COST: £849 each

In order to register your interest, we request that you tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to be part of this retreat. Nothing lengthy! Just a few sentences about you and why this appeals to you.

Can't wait to read your responses!

Love always G&K xx

Thanks for registering your interest. We will be in touch soon. xx

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