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Why not join us for a 45-minute guided meditation?

No experience is required. Just a willingness to relax.

Listen to the voice of the guide and the whispering wings of the butterflies. Focus on nothing but yourself and your self-care. These classes run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 7 - 7:45 pm and then again from 8 - 8:45 pm. During the months of May, June, July, August, and September.  

Cushions and throws are provided. Please wear comfortable warm clothing.

Places are limited to six per session, so please book early to avoid disappointment. The sessions cost £5 each. Not suitable for those who are not comfortable with butterflies. 

"We suffer more in imagination than in reality."


Meditation is about being present, staying focused, and being in the moment.

If you make meditation a daily habit it can:

  • reduce stress levels

  • improve resilience

  • help positive decision-making

  • boost energy and immunity; and

  • change the way you think, eliminating limiting thinking patterns and mind traps such as anxiety, anger, frustration, biases, and prejudices that hinder you.

​By observing your mind and its tendencies, you can train your mind to be more present and create more positive thinking habits. Stopping yourself from getting sucked into your thoughts and your emotions, and reframing how you respond to life's situations.

I am a certified Positive Impact Performance Coach from Newcastle University and a certified guided meditation practitioner through Melissa Crowhurst. I have been coaching since 2006 and in meditation practice for over 20 years.

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Benefits of Group Meditation

Any form of meditation has it's merits, however, there are benefits to group meditation, these include:


Stronger Together

Being surrounded by a group of like-minded strangers can provide a sense of community and a connection to the world around you even if you’re enjoying peace and quiet together it is a form of passive communication. This energy connection can provide great inner strength and calm, and a sense of harmony. 


Connection and Support

You will find connections with people of varying levels of experience. For someone who is new to meditation, more experienced participants in the group can help to answer questions about types of meditation. You can pick up hints and tips for achieving a positive experience. You will build empathy with and for each other, and for others. 


Creating Good Habits

Although meditating at home, is a place we often feel comfortable and it is certainly convenient, there are also many distractions, interruptions, and responsibilities. Practicing with a meditation group can be the motivation and discipline that some people need to cultivate consistent practice and focus on inner peace without washing beeping in the tumble dryer or dogs asking to be walked.


Ripple Effects of Peace

There is a synergy which is created when people meditate together. The healing power that is cultivated in group meditation is far more effective than meditating alone. Also, some studies prove the existence of a ripple effect of peace in the surrounding environment when a group meditates together.


Three-quarters of British butterflies are in decline.

Butterflies are an important 'brick' in the ecological 'wall'; their presence indicates a healthy environment. Areas with abundant butterflies and moths tend to be rich in other invertebrates. Collectively they provide many environmental benefits, including pollination and natural pest control.

The 56 species in Britain and Ireland are under threat today from unprecedented environmental change. Butterflies and moths have been recognised by the Government as indicators of biodiversity. Their fragility makes them quick to react to change so their struggle to survive is a serious warning about our environment.

Habitats have been destroyed on a massive scale, and now patterns of climate and weather are shifting unpredictably in response to pollution of the atmosphere but the disappearance of these beautiful creatures is more serious than just a loss of colour in the countryside. 

Conserving and breeding butterflies will improve our whole environment for wildlife and enrich the lives of people now and in the future. Meditating with them brings us closer to nature and the opportunity to focus on the beauty of the natural world we often miss in our busy lives. It provides a chance to pause and notice our surroundings, thoughts and energy.


We can't change many of the things in life which cause stress, however, we can change how we respond to them and in turn our habits which ultimately impact beyond our personal sphere of influence. 

The butterflies we breed are predominately Painted Ladies, however, we also have a few other species including Peacock, Red Admiral, Brimstone, Holly Blue, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Cabbage White, and Speckled Wood. 


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