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Dinner with Strangers

Dine with the most interesting and diverse strangers.

A unique and exclusive unpretentious dining experience. Operating on an invite-only system, these dinners build bridges, and provide proximity to those with different skill sets, lived experiences, and backgrounds with the aim of creating mutually beneficial connections and a deeper understanding. 

Past guests have included University Professors, Imans, Rappers, CEOs, Vice-Chancellors, individuals experiencing homelessness, TV presenters, Buddhist monk, military personnel, social change activists, explorers, and those from varied racial backgrounds and heritage. 

The homely atmosphere, whilst engaging with a talented chef and sharing their food, aims to achieve a relaxed atmosphere, with the psychological safety to speak curiously in order to develop a deeper understanding of each other in a social setting. Boundaries and parameters are set and guided throughout the evening by your host a skilled inclusion expert. This is achieved through exercises that put us at ease by releasing the vagus (flight or fight) nerve, agreeing to shared principles of engagement, the provision of question cards, ongoing gentle self-reflective coaching, and a private pre-event chat with the host to ensure you are matched with guests you will benefit from meeting.

There is a waiting list, but please email us using the button below to be added, and include your profession and what you would like to achieve by attending a Dinner with Strangers event. We will then arrange an online chat with you.

The dinners usually start at 19:00hrs and last for approx three hours. They consist of eight diverse guests. They are hosted in the South West of England near Bath. A list of local guesthouses can be provided if required.  There is a charge for the dinner, which we can discuss with you.

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