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EDI MasterMind Programme

EDI Coaching for Top Business Owners. 

What you get when you join BARDO's EDI MasterMind programme.

The EDI MasterMind programme is designed as a total support system for any successful entrepreneur with their sights set on being totally inclusive and unlocking all the diverse potential within their workforce and customer base.


The programme is delivered as a combination of both in-person and online workshops. Registration for the programme is annual and costs £2,500 per entrepreneur.  Numbers are balanced at each workshop to provide the opportunity to share insights and practice, but also obtain one-to-one dedicated time. Workshops can range from 8 to 20 participants. 

Workshops take place near Bath, UK. 

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Your workshop with your coach and a community of like-minded peers

These are a rare opportunity to get outside of the day-to-day of your business to a place where inclusive business practices and sales are normal.


A plan with prioritised and concrete action steps

At the end of the workshop, you'll leave armed with new thinking and tools PLUS a plan with prioritised concrete action steps to share with your team. New ideas are energising, no doubt, but it's the clarity and bespoke action steps that need to get things done.


Time to focus on and strategise inclusive business strategies

At each workshop, you'll have time to focus on and strategize what's most pressing in terms of inclusive practice now and get feedback from your coach and other successful entrepreneurs in your group. Fresh perspectives and breakthrough insights are inevitable, making it a mind-stretching exhilarating day. 


Change the way you think, do things and the way you see yourself and business

Workshop by workshop, you change the way you do things, the way you think, and the way you see yourself and business through an inclusive lens. Your results will improve, and more diverse opportunities mean you expand.

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