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Outdoor Meditation





Naturally integrating the journey of self-reflection towards a more authentic life and awakening female connection

The main purpose of blissful retreats is to offer guidance, inspiration, and support in developing self-awareness in order to reveal our true nature, our authentic self. 

This is done predominantly through meditation, coaching, and tantric rituals. The journey of self-revelation should be naturally integrated into all aspects of life, including sexuality. which offers conscious human beings exceptional opportunities for spiritual transformation. 

  • Do you feel like you have to mask your feminity and suppress your feminine energy to fit into a more masculine space that is perceived to be the default 'norm'?

  • Do you want to break free from a corporate world that sees us performing professionalism to social codes and traits that do not nurture us or society?

  • Do you feel something is missing, that you are not fulfilled despite achieving what society perceives as success in different areas?  

  • Do you want to connect, at a deeper level with you, releasing your feminine spirit from the shackles of a society that can repress female needs?

This retreat is a beginner's guide to start doing this. To understand there is another way. It is our intention to provide our guests with a more harmonious and spiritual view on life, sexuality, and sacred relationships. There is an imperative need to transcend the 'fast food' culture, male gaze, and alienating internet sexuality, which has disastrous consequences for wellbeing, intimacy, connection, and lovemaking. Sacred sexuality is not about consuming or power it is about being real, deeper connection, and love.

Retreats for women, all sexualities welcome, hosted in France, delivered in English.

Note: We are concentrating on the feminine energy in this particular retreat, this does not mean that we do not recognize the need for similar work with all genders. We love and respect all, and recognize we all, regardless of gender, are impacted by the pressures of life and how society is constructed today. However, this is a need we have lived experience of, and regularly witness ourselves, and have the skills set to support. 

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